Monday, August 17

Spotify's Have A Great Day is gold.

It's been quite awhile hasn't it.


I remember the morning Michael Jackson died. Dad came in to wake me up for school, as usual. I couldn't recall if he was sad. The whole world were in tears.

Also I can't wait to read Zoe's first ever published book.

Lastly, love yourself like how Kanye loves Kanye.

Thursday, January 15


Salution to everyone (who is reading).

Sometimes I read my older posts and think to myself, wow how did I manage to write this good. Though the next few series of posts usually suck.

Joe has gone to travel SE Asia without his Asian bitch. So right now I'm slaveless for 5 and a half weeks. *suffering*
On the bright side, someone has got a brand new spanking phone. Yay 🙌

That's all for now because someone needs to get up in 7 hours to make ends meet. 😭

Wednesday, August 6

Pessimism was a sarcastic alter ego  but now i'm not too sure.

5 years time by Noah and the Whale is playing. I love happy music.

Thursday, July 31

Apes on horses.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes was epic. Apes on horses? Cracked me the hell up.

My contact lenses was drying up so I dripped on some eye drops. Joe didn't see me in the act.
He turned around to check on me and saw the massive waterfall down my face and panicked (I'm not really good at putting on eye drops). He made such a big deal out of it until I nonchalantly raise the bottle of eye drop to his face.
The gush of relief on his face just makes me feel like buying him all the shoes in the world though I can't afford it but the thought counts.
Bless that boy's soul. Love him to bits. 

Monday, July 14

Honestly; my everything right now. So much love for this boy.

That night at dinner, we were buzzed. I couldn't remember the things he said to me. All I could remember is how it melted me.

50 bed bugs bites.

Bed bugs,

new job,

nothing productive,

and lack of female companions.


He said we.

We need to have at least a child.


I'm still freaking out at how much he sees us together in the future.

Thursday, June 12


So, hi.

For the past few months: school, moving out, work and man.

Just bc he aced his project, his employers treated us to dinner. Perks for being the golden boy. Perks for dating the golden boy.

Saturday, January 18

Life has been too good before yesterday.  All I've been doing is work, friend, work, friends.
The freedom I dig out as much as I could was just a bliss. Work's another happy place for me. My co-workers have good work ethic and are not anal. Half of them used to work in fine dining restaurants. Head chef's not anal.

And since yesterday, I reckon shit was gonna happen sooner or later. And it hit hard.
My happy place is at his parents' place.
Short hours at work for a couple of days.
Fady's at work.
I'm just - goodness me.Yesterday I had that thought again.

Sunday, January 5

I am his favourite loser.

I have nothing to blog about but how blessed I am to have Joe in my life. Kayla has been AWOL and Fady has fallen off the face of the earth. And I haven't been in contact with my other peeps. Too busy to cater to their life. Joe's catering to mine.

I can't say much on here either.

Thursday, December 5

Part 2


Got to see Hoe for a couple of hours then work. It was great. Workmates can't stop teasing me for being such a drunk.
I'm awesome please.
My boss calls me Tiny Tan.
I wanna cry


First day at work in the kitchen. Amazzzzing then rushed to another job.

Lovin this. Really.


Left half way through cuz I have shit to get done. It's 12:35 in the morning.

Yeah yeah


Hoarded jobs.
Spent a few hours with Joe. Then we met up with Fady and Danny for some Vietnamese dinner.
Danny was just cracking us all up. Joe introduced the Vagina game to him and he couldn't stop. Fady was in a good mood. ♡ I MISS ARTHUR. I wish I could see him as often as I see Fady.
Drinks at Father Ted's after.
A bunch of grown man hanging out drunk. One small man kept getting picked on. Best life entertainment. Reminds me of the guys and I.


Spent my whole morning and afternoon with Joe, Fady and Kyle.
Strawberry picking, lunch at a noodle house then went to Western Spring to feed the birds.
Fady chased a goose for at least a 100 meters. It was the funniest shit I've ever seen. I wish i've taken a video of him. I've got a video of him chasing a duck. Omgoodness I love those fuckers.

Now I'm gonna go try to catch whoever is having summer school then meet up with Joe. Then work.

First day at new work tomorrow. Then work at Ticketmaster at night.


Thursday, November 28

I just need to escape here. This fucking hell hole.

Blogging for the past 2 years was a way to fill the void.

Recently I didn't need to.
Because I have friends and family who just light my world up.
Opened up a little to my friends back home and it helped too.

I have hunny bunnies here, and back home.
How blessed and lucky am I.

The girls back home interrogated Joe. Gosh, that was such a good Skype session.