Thursday, June 26

Buddha Bud-haw.

Phoa Phoa inspired me to be creative in art. I mean, I was inspired by cartoons but I didn't really take it serious. Phoa Phoa made me realist it's as beautiful as Spongebob. Thank you, Phoa. Today at assembly damn funny. Some bloody teacher(dunno who) talk about us playin' with balls in class, side walk, and places. And dirtying the toilet and blah, blah, blah.
Her: Siapa Ajar Kamu Langgarkan Peraturan INI ?!
Daddy and mummy.
Her: Siapa Yang Kamu Mau Keluarkan Marah INI ?!

We laughed.

In class, stupid Liang Ian cover my mouth with his dirty socks! Crazy! We had a good laugh. Then Pui wai(a very fat(over 90 kg chick) walked by.
Liang Ian: Hi, Darling~~

He's so adorable.


PhoaPhoa said...

how did i inspire you O_o ?

Amanda teluh said...

I dunno. You just do. =)

PhoaPhoa said...

A-ma-Zing !! I Have super power'd just like "auntie monkey yusmidah".
her super power's IS ..
Making people sleep in just one word is say 8)

Amanda teluh said...


~silly~ said...

not only 90++
is 120++
last time pjk i saw it..
its real!!!

Amanda teluh said...

shit. heavier than my Lao hiah.