Friday, June 27

Home? pfft.

Had really good time in centrepoint. With two and only Catherine and Phoa. Ahhh. So farnie. =)
Catherine knocked the glass and some person outside turn around and look at me and I looked at him. Then I pointed at Catherine and go back to my work. It's was hilarious.

My mother thinks I'm stubborn and corrupted; i think she's stupid and helpless. Reading story books are good. She thinks not. What fucking person will think that unless you're some barbarian who prefer hunting. She even thinks blogging is usable. My computer is usable twice per week and an hour per day. She just don't understand I normally would be lazy to do blogging. And now I'm doing it. It's a good news. My father would understand. But he never speak up. He's becoming like her. Not OSIM but OPDSINM(One Pssed Down Stupid Idiotic Nagging Machine.)

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