Sunday, June 15


Had a pool GATHERING not pool PARTY. Had lots of fun. Especially Minn Hwei. Minn Hwei were so freakin' paranoid bout' Nick.

Minn Hwei: Where the hell is Nick? I go check on him at Domino. *after 10 minute* I gotta check again.

Ate and intro. First time meeting Mr. Nicholas Junior Lim. He's so shy. She bought guitar string for Nick and droped it at the store. lol. I love her. =)
Lied to the boys bout' not having water balloons but finally gave it in. 4 packs! Damn little. *note to myself, next time BUY MORE!* They bom

barded us gao gao. Sheesh. I'm gonna be stingy next time. ;)
GUYS vs. GIRLS(one's a guy.) It's SO Minn Hwei's idea. It was a bloody fast war. Damnit. Bloody Siew Yok was trying to get me in the pool. I've
got bloody period[how fucking sadd. =( ]
Then we found another packet. We were so generous. We shared. =D

They came in and Siew Yok freakin' spray me with toilet pipe water. LOL.

We had toilet war. Siew Yok vs Me and Nick vs Minn hwei.

Sexy back! - Justin Timberlake. +D

Nickk. =)
Bombarding me with water balloons.

Nick: Hey, ready?

Siew Yok: Not yet.
Nick: OMG, I pai seih!
Siew Yok: Tsk, tsk.
I took this picture of Siew Yok's sexy ass. 8)

This boy sure do love what's he's doing.
Nick and Minn hwei were so lip locking. I could practically hear those smooching sounds. It was a disgusting experience(currently.) We got bored and went out.
Gang bang-ing was fun.

And getting gang bang-ed,

wasn't fun. =D

Holy my ass.
Before he's stupid,
And after he's stupid.

We were in the pool. Minn hwei was teaching Siew yok how to use the camera and Nick was with them. His back slightly facing me. Suddenly, he turns around and look at me; and I look gave him the "whaaaahhhtt!?" look. He shooked his head and turn back.
10 seconds later,
He turns around and gave me the same look. And I was like what the hell you want man? He look down at what he was doing and look back at me. with a smile.
He was freakin' molesting my best friend.
Me: *nia ma* HOI! Stop molesting Minn Hwei! =D
He gave me a big bloody smile. +D

Pretty woman, walking down the street... =D
Minn hwei: Let's fuck.
Nick: okayy. *Turns back* tee hee.

Siew Yok's wife and son(short kid) and himself.
Hungried and went to eat at Domino.I tot I lost Minn Hwei's phone. walk back and fort, actually the phone's in the paper bag with her. Stupid me. =D Gotta go back cause' of stupid moh-ter.
Then went to watch kung fu panda. cute.
Now, let's have the Nick and Minn hwei Symphony(in picture motion.)

Minnhwei: I wanna lick your nipples.
Nick: Come, babeh!
They sure love it.

The end.
Love Nick and Min hwei.

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