Thursday, June 19

I kissed a hamster just to try it; hope my Barney dom't mind it.

Happiee burfday Waann Tenng
Kah Meng.

My school is stupid. They invited the orang bomba to show us how fire is created and stuffs. They are poluting. siao man. They s'pose to be clear out the fire not make it. Noob man. Puan Dick were fucking smiling. What's wrong with people these days? Catherine was complaining gao gao. The whole day we were laughing. My LaoBu's hopeless.

LB: How to find this web site?
me: open internet explorer.
LB: Where to type the address?
me: *help her to type*

LB: Why don't have sounf wann?
Me: *helps her on the speaker* You gotta ty to explore yourself. Daddiee never teach me everything bout' computer.
LB: Ma de! Lan ci lahh. You never teach me also.
Me: *00* I need to teach you how to on the speaker?

LB: *doesn't listen* Go inside! NOW! *offs the TV*
Went in and told my sister. Laugh like shit. Gosh, she wants me to teach her how to on the speaker. Told Daddiee when he reach home. He laughed HARD, too.
Daddiee: I wonder who tought her to SMS.

Hopeless ego person.

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