Wednesday, June 25

I wished Spongebob wasn't yellow.


Liang Ian: Ehh, Amanda, your leg's full with hair. Macam lelaki saja.
Me: Yeah. You don't have is it? Sap pai lahh you.


V-zone: Ehh, go ask A if she likes B.
Me: Okayy. Ohh, B, ni hao ke aii wohh.
Me-V-zone: A said: I dunno lahh.
Me: Danielle told Chicken who told B that she keep looking at A. (actually is A lookin' at B)
Laughin', teasin' then back to laughing.
Kar Yen: HOI! teacher's angry already. Keep it down!
V-zone: I don't care.
Kar Yen: wanna fight is it?
V-zone: Come lahh!
Me: *Raise my hands* CHICK FIGHT!


Phoa: Ehh, our best friend.* Pointing at something*
Me: ==??
Catherine: Your boyfriend can't leave you alone.
I turned around and saw a fly.
Me: I want a divorce.
Catherine: Not married yet.
Me: I want a break up.
Phoa: Not enough sperm to fuck.
Me: He can't fit his cock into my pussy. Too small.
Phoa: Go check my blog. Cute but abdominal. *Refering to her blog -*
Me: What's abdominal?
Phoa: Conquring.
Me-Catherine: Yeah, Conqure her pussy. *Pointing at Phoa's pussy*
We laughed gao gao.
Catherine told no sense story bout' boobs sucking. Tsk Tsk. Then talked bout' wrestling's Pedigree. They didn't really like it cause' it's bout' head cracking with legs facing cock.


Lim Syau said...

manda, i think i know hu's de "A"..

Amanda teluh said...

good fer you.