Saturday, June 14


Went to centre point to meet up with Minn hwei on the 10th. Brought Catherine, Phoa and Danielle. Andrea chan s'pose to come but didn't. Guys, Minn hwei said you guys are nice. =) I think I saw my neighbour. And when we just went in McD, I told Catherine that Minn hwei's horny too and I saw him laughing gao gao. And we talk horny stuffs which he wouldn't be expecting ME to say. Well, that just sadd. Catherine's hamsters story's damn farnie.

Catherine: I've got two hamster, Summer and Spring. We thought they are both guys and one day I saw them humping each other. I hope they weren't gay so my daddy helped me to check their sex. Apparently, it's a guy and a girl. So they had 3 babies, Winter, Autumn and CLOUDY. Then the father ate Autumn so I had to apart them. THEN winter and the mother fucked and had 7 babies.
Me: Ewww. Mothers can't fuck sons. That's just sickk.
Catherine: Anyway, few dies cause' the mother(or father. I forgotten) ate them. (Then I think The mother fuck the father or the son and had 9 more babies.) Some died. So just left 5 females and 2 males(excluded Summer,Spring, Winter and Cloudy) . Complicating, huh?

3 days later at Catherine's house,

Catherine: OH MY GODD! *banging the cage* They ate one of them(females).
Me: What the hell. Shit. I can't look at it.
After a while away from hamsters and the others have arrived:

Catherine: *banging and shouting* Don't kill each other!
I laughed.

Called pizza. I ate instant noodle. Watched TV then did projects. Then I went to buy tickets to Kung Fu Panda for tomorrow. Stupid mother. Fought with her. She's the problem. Gonna meet minn hwei before show.

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