Monday, June 16

OSIM. *One Stupid Idiotic machine*

Happiiee Fathers Day!!!

Went to OneU. Ate at some Japanese food near MPH. Daddiee said it's nice. *=)!!!* Love him! He was damn tired but "moh-ter" stop at stalls every 5 minutes. Damnit. Then when we were leaving, bang-ed a car. wahh diu, my daddiee felt enough crappy and have these type of problem. Damn kesian him. Anyway, reached home and THEN, that's where the problem really starts.

11:16pm 15th,
  • my precious minn hwei and nick *some text missing*.
  • siew yok pun ada problem.

Funny part of our conversation.

Him: ur boob damn soft.
me: == Why, thank you.
him: Next time I don't flick, I punch it.
Me: nahh, won't let you. =)
him: I grab it.
me: I grab yours.
Him: Like you can stop me
Blah blah blah.
Him: I slap your boobs
Me: I grab your dick.
Him: OK
me: FINE!
him: FINE
me: OK
him: OK
me: FINE!
Him: I slap HARD
me: I grab HARD
him: I pull it
me: i squeeze it.
him: wait. opposite. I squeeze.
me: I pull
him: I lick it
me: I milk it


Problme ended at 1:09am 16th. siao man.

Being Mrs Doctor phil is hard.

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