Saturday, June 7

Pizza Hut All Star *A mixture of pizza and shoes. Best serve cold with mayo and shoe gum.*

Went out with minn hwei and Tanjung jambu. Siew yok's s'pose to come. Idiot. Actually there's more but, ya. Met new friends: Nicholas chan and some guy I forgotten his name;iz or something. Tomato head, Jiang nam and Joel Tan went too. Saw Carmen(Tomato's Head's girlfriend.) When we were waiting for the others, I was hungry so we went to Big Apple to eat. Tanjung Jambu don't let me pay. Bitch. =) His friend can't find him.

TJ: I'm at Big Apple.
friend: what's Big apple?
TJ: *sighs*. Fine, just wait for me at Converse.
friend: where?
TJ: fine, Pizza Hut!
I think I heard wrong

me: Pizza Hut All Star!

Watched "Prom Night". Not Scary but Fuh-ney. I keep on laughing when she screamed. I beh tah-han lahh. Fuh-ney gao gao. Tanjung Jambu got scared 5 times. Once he and and Tomato Head jerk off their seats. Minn hwei and I laugh gao gao. Then after the movie, as we were walking(nick and that iz something were head front) suddenly nick and iz came out and scared Tanjung Jambu. He really got frighten. LOL. Went to the top floor. Played softball. Tanjung Jambu nad Nick Made a bet: Nick must get one of us(Minn hwei and I) in one hour or loser must pay winner 100 bucks. So Tanjung Jambu made plans with us. Evil dude. The plan is: Minn hwei flirt with him then reject him but Nick wasn't really interested. Stupid nick. =D But Nick still lose. I dunno what happened to the money. After that, we made a shuffling video. (Iz's Idea). It seems like they can't make up their mind.
TJ: Iz, you start first. It's your idea.
Nick: yeah.
Iz: *silence*. I don't want.
TJ: come on man.
Very complicating. *shuffling* Minn hwei go answer a call.
TJ: NICK, go away! We can't shuffle cause you're here(for some reason)
TJ: Okayy. Iz, you start first.
Iz: No!

Both of them look at me.
Me: What?
TJ: Come Amanda, Shuffle.

Me: I dunno weih.
Both: I teach you.
me: don't want!

*Shuffling* After a while.
Nick: W.T.H? I'm inside there...*I forgotten*
TJ: yeah lahh *and blah blah blah*

Minn hwei and I's conversation.
Her: Ehh, you *some text missing*
me: ah. yeah. sure.
Her: and so *some text missing*
Me: *turns around* LET'S GO BUY CONDOMS PEOPLE!
More shuffling.

We got bored and Minn hwei and I gotta buy condoms and balloons. So Minn hwei and I went to buy stuffs; guys will meet us later. On the way we met Joel tan.
Me: Is that nice?*some food*
Him: ya.
Me: are you going/ doing anything? Want us to teman you?
him: ya sure.
and we talk about him and Amanda teo and about him being a fag.
Him: where are we going?

both(MH and I): go buy condoms and water balloons.
Him: Whaaahh? Are you sure?
Both: yes. We are sure.
him: OMG.

When we reach the destination.
Him: OMG, it's true.

And he's really shy(Amanda teo, take good care of him.) And when we pick one pack of condoms,
Him: *hands covering his face and I dunno, laughing or crying.* OMG.
I do really kesian him.

Met at Yipee cup. Joel went back. Then the others FFK me; gone to Billabong and Tanjung Jambu bought Minn hwei a bikini top. LOL.I will never wear that. Minn hwei keep wanting to take pictures with Tomato Head because he's adorable(If you take VERY tall, smooth skins and very fair adorable.) Tomato head's shy too but at last we took lots of photo.

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