Monday, June 9

Ramly Burgers rocks! <3 All time favorite.

Went to sell a house in Shah Alam(a house before Riana Green). Wa Ka lu gong, Wa beh song that bloody malay man. Damn freaking ignorant and vain and bloody aggressive weih. Dont' care. The price is fixed. We even given him lower but he wants LOWER!. Ci bai. Anywya, went to eat Bak Kut teh. Bak Kut Teh sangat seddapp! (Shaun Fei named Catherine Bak Kut Teh.) Ate the dry one and wet one. Normally, wouldn't approve the dry one but this one damn nice weih. Daddiee ask me to do some balloon experiment and he keep on bragging bout' me being on newspaper(Uncle leong was there). I'm so freakin' used to it. Sheesh. He don't need to remind me all over and over again. I Don't like being in newspaper.
Talked bout' burgers! Ramly Burgers! <3>
Daddiee: Americans burger pun boleh tahan.
Leong: Own grilled very nice.
Daddiee: Very juice. Wahh, damn nice weih.

Etc. Etc.

Both of them are really cute.

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