Sunday, June 22

Runnin' away.

Happie Burfday Derrick!!! <3

Went to watch some Buddhist film then went to Uncle jay's carpet store. He have two blond headed kids. Adorable. Daddiee gave him swings. Once he touch the ground, he drop himself on floor. LOL
I gave both of them sweets then the small dude came to me and said,
Lil' dude: Habis.
Me: okayy...
Lil' dude: HABIS!*pointing at me*
Me: okayy. okayy.
Lil' dude: HABIS! HABIIISSSSS!*pointint at everybody*
(translate: DEAD! Die, you bitch. All of you, DIE!) +D

*Video clip's unavailable at this moment*

Actually, this lil' dude just want more candy. We had a good laugh.

Had dates with Daddiee and Amelia. Movie title: Meet the Robinson. Siew Yok damn funny.
Siew Yok: I want to watch Hannah Montana 3D concert! But noooo, cause' grandma wanna watch some chinese movie.
I laughed like shit.

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