Friday, June 20

I kissed a hamster and I liked it ; it taste of his cherry Butt Stick.

Went to CentrePoint today with Phoa; Minn hwei came. Showed her the same stuffs I've shown Phoa and Catherine. Couldn't see her expression when she read the funny part but NO cause' I was busy buying foods =). I even forgotten what she commented. She greeted the boys and stuffs then we went to join Timothy, Danielle and Catherine. Minn hwei, Tim and Danielle has lots of connection. Minn Hwei told/asked me some jokes bout' Indians and all of my answers are Pangsai. Farnie gao gao. Then Minn hwei gotta go. =C

Minn Hwei, they complemented your sister. One word, Hwat.

The others then tricked me into eating salt.
Catherine: Amanda, I dare you to eat this.
Me: Erm, what is it? salt ahh?
Phoa: Nope. Don't worry. It's Sugar.
Me: okayy...*takes the spoon*, put it in my mouth and this is how I look like->

Tsk. Tsk.

I wasn't being funny. I really TRUSTED them. Sheesh.

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