Sunday, August 3

You, Me :: Little Wonders.

Ahha! I can go to One U with Catherine and Cheau Wei. Nicole can't make it. I didn't think that Lao Bu let me but I have to go to my father's workshop in science centre first. I'm only going to that workshop cause' my father's Australian friend wanna meet me but at the end he didn't go. Only later for my father's talk in UTAH(University Tunku Abdul Rahman)

Ugh. It made me mad. I wasted my time at the workshop(I was the judge+]).

Luckily I made it in time. Ahha, Catherine wore her Chealsea shirt(not jersey). We went to watch
The Mummy 3: Tomb of The Golden Dragon.
Farnie and nice. I went to pee and missed the Brandon Easser(?)'s huge tits part. 8). After that, we went lepak-ing. Nothing to do. From cloths to Baskin Robbin to Stsarbucks to Chocolate to Taking picture of mannequins in bras. =D

Accidently took this while tring to take this(below).


Cho-ca-lat. <3>

Yik Lurn, hmph!

Poor chocolate.

Baskin Robbin are delicious.

Catherine blur version.

What are we watching?

Star Fighters! =D

Java Chip!
My first all girls outing. =)

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