Wednesday, July 16

Elephant. <3

Diao! Puan Dick(Nick) molested me from my stomach till my virgina.

What the fuck man. She came in with her gang, The Prefects. When she came in, she thought I was hiding something. Actually it's Ying Yinn. (I was hiding my wrist band in case she wants it.)
She said sorry and I was thinking "Why?" Then she starts to molest me. Fuck man.
When Puan Dick found out that her precious student, Xu rene brought poker cards, she was like, " XU RENE? Xu Rene? Tsk tsk." *looked away for a while* " XU RENE?" Inside of me wanna just laugh out loud. You should see the look on Puan Dick's face. Damn bloody farnie.

For lunch, Phoa and I had McD.
Me: I wanna bring my homework.
Phoa: 00. Nerd.
Me: *buck tooth smiley*

Phoa Just realist I stare at foods when I eat(and not eat too). I don't have photos of me (ya know, staring at foods) yet. Will, soon. I guess. I even stare at drinks! *sigh" I don't know whether it's farnie or just plain hopeless. =)

What am I going to do on dates?
(Like I ever will.)

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