Saturday, July 5

I burb; You fart.

"Your Blog is corrupted."
Thank YOU, Aileen for your generous insult. =)
So not being sarcastic.
What type of fucking carnival do you call that? One third of the previous one we had. Fuck SMK BU3. But I had fun with PhoaPhoa. Didn't we? +D Bare footed and under drizzling rain, baby! Luckily I persuaded her. Yesh. My lil' shy darling. ;) We played Kill or is it Que? Ahha. Phoa got first baby! YEEAA. 8) School basketball's having a competition. Yesterday, we lost all 3! yay! ;)

Josephine's going away. =( So, what'snext? =)

Bloody tuition. Ahha. Tomato Head is David's(not that awfully nice David from my school.)new victim. YEEAAA. Failed scince and past maths. Wheeeee.=)

Why does girls like sensitive males? I mean, they're like some damn short-tempered chick in a dude's body. Ugh. How bout' changing sex with me, eh?

A guy in a girl's body who likes guys is always consedered as a gay.
which, is, me! =D


PhoaPhoa said...

jospeh going where ? O_O

Amanda teluh said...



PhoaPhoa said...

Gay !

Amanda teluh said...

nahh. he's doing the straight and bi ones.