Monday, July 7

Finger with girls; Fuck with boys? Nahhhh.

==. They bullied me. Ju-ann, Freda and Aida forced me to let down my hair. I tried to delete all the picture but left one. =(

My Gu Poh(Mother's father's sister) can't stop talking. Chatterbox.(But she's really generous.) When She drop me off at BUBS: Don't mix around ahh, later kena tangkap lehh. LOL. She thinks a Buddhist centre a kidnapper-able place? Sheesh.

OHHhhHoHO! Torando Torres is hwat. Hot, baby. And I agree with teaching four-year-olds sex. So agree.
I thought my lao bu's coming to my school on the day my father's gonna conduct a work shop in my school. I paniced and askedher as soon as possible. She said no and I gotall relieved. *Phew*. I went heeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheehee.

Like a bloody Nut case.

Mental tiredness's the new alcohol

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