Thursday, July 17


I forgotten to bring the money for some injection. SO I kinda pissed the St. John off. =D
Ahha, the boys in my class damn du lan. Keep on pissin' me. Pull my hair; spray water at me; use chalk to draw on me. Sheese. *Tiny lil' smile*
Liang Ian's adorable. I wanna be his mommy(Josephine's too). Liang Ian took off his socks and push it against MY MOUTH! Crazy dude. It was bloody dirty. I ran to the toilet and save my mouth over that polution. I took off my sock in the toilet and got ready to attack.

Once I reach back in class, I bombarded him with my sock. It was nasty. He was opening his mouth. Tee Hee!

Went to Jessica's house for lunch. Her 5 years old brother is adorable. Once I went in the car, he start to blab about some game. Phoa and I kept on laughing. Then once we reach her house, he start to talk about his chinese tuition and chillies. Farnie gao gao. Then we played PS2.

Around 15 minutes later,
Jyden: Amanda! I let you hear my favorite song. *ons a song of Jonas Brother*. Then he start dancing and I start to follow him *follownig the leader, the leader* ;) Observe.

First half.

Second half.

Jessica swinging her brother.
I love her family.

My team won and lost*woohoo!* one game. =) Ahha. Xu Rene and I was sitting at the bench near the basketball court and Sandy's team was playing. So we cheering and guiding them. Xu Rene was standing shouting "Mark! Grab! The Ball! Ark! Shoot!" and I was (sitting like i always do) pointing and shouting. 8)

I couldn't concentrate in tuition but luckily Reflection is easy.

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