Friday, July 11

Mrs Doctor Phil.

I Miss You, Homi!

Today after recess, I went high. I do not mean as in erect. Mental tiredness to be exact. Shannon's siao! He told Azri that I whack a dude's dick(true) but he had his pants on! Stupid Shannon. ==

Ahha then it's KH period.

This is Pui Wai:

This is her ass:

Hey, it's not an insult! It's an inspriration. Saw her ass, laughed, took it as an art. True art.

My hunn, Ashley. *woot!* She's available. ;)

Then back to class, Ching Ching, Shannon, Joseph and I was making lots of noise. Our malay teacher called our name correctly accept for Joseph's. She called him Josephine. =D Ching Ching: Ahh ahh, What's his full name, Amanda? When I was about to say out loud, Josephine kinda scream-shouted. It was hilarious.
Me: Cikgu, It's Josephine Ong bin Osama(bin Ladin).
We laughed.

OHHH, don't read this if you're PURE.
Josephine showed me his dick hair(the top part). It was like a damn forrest! I am seriously not proud to look at it. It was disgusting. My heart was in pain and I couldn't eat lunch(I ate lunch. Couldn't help it that I have lust for food). It was TOO ulgy. Then he showed his dick but I didn't see it. I DON'T want to. I seriously don't know what's going on in his head.
Josephine, *tsk tsk*.
Then He insist I see his bloody damn forrest again.

Oh, my.

Good boys gone wild!

Just us three. =D

I'm just too noisy. It's bbaahhh-aaadd kids. Don't learn.



Went to centrpoint with Phoa, Catherine, Danielle, Erin and Timothy. Suddenly Phoa just dissapear. ==
When Catherine and I saw this, we got scared.


Lost all two games today in basketball. 2 to 16 and 2 to 9. How awesome's that? =D Tuition wasn't that bad. Translation(maths)'s easy.

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