Wednesday, July 9


I guess Fernando Torres isn't that really hot.

Josephine made noisy sound by scolding like a soh hai. I turned to Phoa and said: "Black boy's gone crazy."
She laughed.
Then Jiang Nam shouted at Josephine. I turned to Phoa and said: "White chick's gone crazy bout' black dude."
She laughed harder.

I made Liang Ian wear my pinaform. He looker sex-ay. *woot!*
They made Yik Lurn wear my pinaform and he looked like a short-horny-japanese-waiter-chick.

They gave us some card called GAMEASTON. For raising money. The first thing that came into my mind was, Najib'sWife.

Yeah, I cut off my sister and mother. =D

Lao Bu said:"No!We dunno what they're gonna *Blah. Blah. Blah*. I wasn't listening. 8) PLease donate! Contact me.

Some people are seriously fucked-up. I seriously do NOT act cute. What's actually you people's fucking problem?

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