Wednesday, July 9

Lost in the world of women.
Need a tutor.

My sister's damn freakin adorable.
My father: Amelia! Amelia!
Amelia: What? My father: I've got something really interesting to tell you.
Amelia: I don't wanna hear.
Me: what is it?
My Father: Get lost.

My father: Did you know what she did last time?
Me: What?
My father: She said to me once: " Dadd
y, I've got something interesting to tell you." Then I said: "what?" she said: Hiiiiiiii. =)."

I've an aunty, Gwen. She bouth chocolate from London. Nice irish chocolate. She's seriously nice(not like my lao bu). Ahha. Today's farnie but Catherine keep whacking my boobs, not farnie. Catherine, ya gotta stop it. When i was bathing, I felt pain(and yes, I don't masturbate.)! Phoa showed me someting. It reads: *BlahBlahBlah* RAP'E. I start to laugh. then she asked, rape or rap? I couldn't stop laughing. Ponteng-ed english and made out with andrea chan.(ooohhHHH YEEEAA.8])


To the black dude, "Laugh what laugh?! Haven't seen lesbians is it?"

And before that, I tried to kiss her.

OOHHHhhh, she wants me. ;)

I was just being naughty.

Catherine and I. <3

Shaun Fei kinda tried to rape me again. I don't know what's wrong with that boy. On the other hand, Liang Ian isn't that barbaric. But he's one horny chick(yes I meant chick, not dude). Look at him.

My adorable son.

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