Wednesday, July 2

I cry with girls; I fight with boys.

I heart my class.

In the morning, Phoa phoa came in and started calling for me.
Phoa: Amanda!
Me: Phoa!Phoa!
Phoa: Ah Man Da!
I ran to her and we grab each other's hands.
Me: Phoa! Phoa!
Phoa: Ah Man Da!
Me: Phoa! Phoa!
Phoa: Iwantyourgeographyproject.
I was like che ma gan. And I showed her my middle finger.

Liang Ian's so cute. Phoa doesn't really believe me. So I proved it to her.
Me: Liang Ian, are, you, hot?
Liang Ian: *nods with a lazy smile.*

Then they want me to swear for the sake of slapping me(they just love slapping me.)
Kien Yi: Make her swear.
Phoa: Okayy.
Phoa: Mr.Mahh is a bitch.(I heart Mr. Mah. He's adorable.)
Me: Cool.
Phoa: SYS is a bitch.

Yik Lurn do that grandmother lumpy breast thingy whenever he sees Phoa and make her name sound more like BOH BOH. So farnie. =)
Yik Lurn's monk song.

Ahhhh Moo ni Tuuoo Fuckk.

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