Saturday, July 12


Happy Burfday Madam Lee!


Went to school. Took report card. Puan Hani havent reach then sunddenly Cik Sumarlinie the counselling teacher wanted to talk to Lao Bu about me in class. She told Lao Bu about me being like a boy and my naughty-ness. She told her about the book record of our class that have lots of my names and blah blah blah. Lao Bu gave Sumarlinie her hand phone number saying " If Amanda done something bad. Call me." !!?? Kena marah tapi tak hard pun. Puan Hani was easy. Ohhh yeeaa. ;)

You can never watch old women do line dancing.

Especially one of them's your mother.

No electricity just for 10 minutes then went to meet Phoa Phoa at the mamak store.

Was making Madam's Lee's birthday card.

Phoa told me about Iqbal(some farnie dude) in her tuition. After making the card, off we go to my old school, SJK(c)Damansara then Tan Jen(sorwie tan jen!) and Tomato Head arrived. Played some basketball, wished Madam Lee. She's still the same. Passed by Mrs Wang and ignore her. =D We hated her cause' she and Lao bu are the same. I think Mrs Lee the english teacher have some issues with me. I said hello but she didn't really care. Then Tan Jen got hungry so we went to the canteen. Phoa was extreamly quite! Shy marh. sheesh. =) Tan Jen was like
" Why don't you talk?Is it because of the braces? It's okayy." Lol.
Can you believe that students like in DU thinks I'm a LESBIAN? !!?!? I thought I'm a play girl to people like it hate been to the teacher in my old school. Just because I always hang out with boys doesn't mean I have to be a play girl. !? Brainless. Went back to the court to play more basketball. I then found out I left my phone there. Tee Hee.

Tomato head:"Blur." 8)
THEN, Tan Jen wanted go to Riana Green plaza. Drank beer. Heineken for Tan Jen and I. Guiness for Tomato Head. I don't like Guiness. Too bitter. The aunty asked "Buy for who?" Tan jen: "Her*pointing at me* mother." !!!??? == Hope Lao Bu don't go to the mini market. Then they needa go to school. Couldn't find cab. Told him in the first place but he came. == Then blame it on me. Sorwie anyway. Tomato head wasn't worried. He even put a dead butterfly on me. ??!! LOL.

After the boys left, Phoa and I went swimming. Ahha. We had fun till the guard say I couldn't wear shirt. So, everytime he comes, Phoa and I would hide under water and behide a pile of walls. And when he leaves, I would start shaking and sing Freedom by George Michael.

Phoa: Ohhh. What's that feeling down there? Me like it? 8) [Just koking.]


Phoa again.

Phoa, again.

I was complainig because she got my hand phone wet. =D

Female version of the stupid Siew Yok.

Osama bin Ladin's Wife. Josephine Ong bin Osama(bin Ladin)'s mother.

My ass, baby! 8o

50 cent's wife.

I left Phoa out there cold and wet for two hours waiting for her dad. I couldn't teman her cause Lao Bu don't let me out. Fucker. I couldn't sleep. I still feel guilty.

I'm sorry I'm not a perfect daughter. You made me. Remember that.

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