Sunday, July 13

There's two of you.

Happy Burfday Clement Tan
& Kean Lynn

Random pictures from 6th of June, Carnival day and the day Minn hwei came back for the first time in 2008.

Minn hwei's Day.

And Phoa, remember to remind me to give you back your Nike hand band.

I didn't want to take picture with him. =D

Carnival Day.

Phoa and I. <3>
My sister don't believe me that the dick is a dick. She think it balls 's the dick.

6th of June

I didn't know my cheek have so much fats. Awesome.

Nicholas Chan, Tan Jen and Iz. Ahha. look at Iz, "Take cover!".

This is Tomato Head, Phoa.

Minn hwei just can't enough of his baby fair face. So she asked me take more.

Tomato Head and Tan Jen(I prefer not to call him Tanjung Jambu. He's sensitive. 8D)

Them again.

And again.

I was blur.

And was blow jobbing the bubble tea. 8)

I was still blur. or was I? ;)

I look damn soh hai.

He's all grown up. =)


PhoaPhoa said...

nike hand bag ?

PhoaPhoa said...

oops . didnt read properly . =)