Thursday, July 31

You kept me waiting.

I'm so proud of my Jessica. She've got to be the Head for Sukan Mini. *ark*! I kissed her on the cheek. I was just too happy.

Few hours later...

Me: Jessica, after i get my first kiss(with a boy), you'll be my second, kayy?
Jessica: But you already did, just now!
Me: That's the cheek, darl.
How adorable can she be?

Whenever you people do horny stuffs, don't blame it on me; not my problem. I didn't teach you(accept for Josephine and a lil' on Jessica). Sheesh.

*a lil smile*

Puan rozita meh-mang du lan.

Najwa lagi du lan. She insulted Jessica and V-Zone about what bloody couple they are because they touch each other hands. They're not even couples! I touch my father's means he's my boy friend, huh? Fucking stupid.
Then Darren walk pass. The class beside us(2G) was noisy. Najwa blame it on Darren. (I'm not sure if he really did make noise but I think he didn't.) So she made him stay in our class. Then she asked him to sit on the floor and V-Zone and Kein Yi said: Don't look ahh(Meaning the girls's undies)
Me: Look at Pui Wai's(he's just 4 feet from Pui wai)
We cracked up.

This is Pui wai ass.

During Malay period, Phoa came in my class. Then Josephine spoted her and said: "Eee yerr, flat boobs. Why are you so flat?"
Phoa and I laughed.
Then Phoa squeezed my boobs(cause' I did something naughty). Seriously need those metal bras.
Josephine asked me what's wrong and I told him why.

Josephine- Phoa
: Nice to touch? I don't think so. I can't feel anything! I can't feel the tits!
Josephine-me: You pump air is it? No wonder lahh!
Stupid but adorable.
Phoa and I seriously can't stop laughing.

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