Tuesday, August 19

Badminton vs Basketball.

Amelia and I's random conversation.

I saw a shape on my neck. So I check if it's big.
Amelia: Do you think you have Adam apple; We do have Adam apple.
Me: where?
Amelia: *Points at my chest* "There, half on the left and half on the right."

Amelia: Give me your MC lahh.
Me: Why?
Amelia: So I don't need to go to school to face that stupid fat teacher.

Amelia: I think dirty is clean and clean is dirty.
Me: Seriously?
Amelia: Ithinkyouthink.

Amelia: Ever ate long long thing*?
Me: Yes. *laughing*
Amelia: I told you not to think negative.
*Yao Zha Guai.

Me: I woke up and couldn't find the control.
Amelia: For what?
Me: TV.
Amelia: Mother not home mehh?
Me: nope.
Amelia: Then who helped you to on the TV?
Me: Mother.

Amelia: You're so unlucky. You're sick on holidays.
Me: *laughs*
Amelia: what?
Me: Doctor said I'm lucky; you say I'm unlucky.

Amelia: How many long long thing have you ate in your live?
Me: *laughs* More than a hundred.
Amelia: Who's?
Me: Uncles on roads who sells em'.

Amelia: Shit, I've got half an hour more to sleep.
Me: *stares*.
Amelia: Actually, 40 minutes.

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