Saturday, August 23


Currently, the bigest news is

Has AVRIL LAVIGNE concert had been cancelled? I'm bumbed! I wanted to go to her concert so badly. You know what? It's okayy. Let'stalkabouther.

To me, a lot people hates her. I mean seriously can't see what's wrong with her?

I like her man.


Like I can't do.

Hah, now she think you're stupid.

No, she's killing herself.

I vow to myself that I wouldn't wear bikinis until my milk bag's gonna overflow like hers.

I think people hate Avril because she has changed?

I guess people hate me for that, too.

I think I have fallen for Brolly(ya know, the big green muscular guy from Dragon ball Z).

I think I am.

I'm done with you.
I rather date him than you.
I rather lust for him than you.
I rather kiss him than you.
I rather cuddle with him than you.
So, leave me alone.

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