Monday, August 4

I Feel Good.

I was listening to the songs in Ashley's iPod. Then Tomato Head wanna listen too. So, I gave him one piece. Then the girls started to awww, ohh. ==

They gave me fingers,

so I gave back lohh.

Holy, my ass.

I wanted sleep but my sister wouldn't let me. She played with the pants I wore, touched my boobs and talk non stop. Ugh.

Mother: Don't make noise and rest.
Amelia heard it as: Don't touch breast!

Beside fighting with me, my sister said something funny: People don't call me Tan. They call me Amelia.

Beside fighting with my sister, I did something funny:

Me: *farting*
Amelia: You fart arr?
Me: No, I was playing with my lips.
*showing her*
While showing her, I farted to the rhythm.
Amelia: Wait, shut up. I heard something.
Me: I farted. =D

I got her laughing.

Went to mamak for diner. Forst time cause that bloody woman(mother)thinks that mamak's foods are heaty(????). == .

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