Thursday, August 21

I Heart You, I Heart Him, I Heart Everyone.
Do you heart me?

Some magazine interviewed me. They needed some photos. They wanted me to pose! POSE!? I even wore LIPGLOSS! It's horrible. It taste disgusting. Look at this

Ugh! It's like first time wearing sanitary pad. I can't talk nicely. My mother say: It's okayy, talk normally. It'a ate able.
My ass.

At night...

Amelia suggested we play Would You Rather.

Me: Would you rather fuck a dog or a cat?
Amelia: Dog. Wait, cat. Wait, dog. Wait, I seriously can't decide.

Me: Would you rather fuck a cow or a goat?
Amelia: Goat. Wanna know why?
Me: oh, no no no. No no no.
Amelia: Cause' cow is much more heavier.

Amelia: My turn to ask you.
Would you rather put a dick in your pussy hole or suck one?
My father chuckled and I was astonished.
Me: Put one in my pussy hole.

Amelia: Pull daddy's dick till 10 inch long or pull's mommy's nipple?
Me: Pull mommy's nipple.
Amelia: Why?
Me: Cause' I want her dead.

Amelia: What time is it?
Me: 10:20pm.
Amelia: oh, let's sleep.
Amelia: not together, ahh.

Must watch!

Sarah Silerman was fucking Matt Damon. Jimmy Kimmel's bloody mad so

he went fucking Ben Affleck.

Some random pictures.

They're counting the seeds. ==

Was on a date with Chrysty.

Never felt stupider.

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