Friday, August 29

I Rather Date You Than Him.

SMK Bu(3)'s Marathon Day.

I went just to support Phoa. Guess what? She got 7th placing for form 2 and form 3 category!

Back to the start.

Mr. Mah, my ugh principle and some other important teacher made speeches. Mr.Mah was the only one who's not boring.
Then we sang some patriotic songs.
Jessica and I(out of all of our gang) were the only ones singing. Jessica and I usually sing in class(she loves singing; It annoys Ching Ching a lot. =D)
Suddenly, Mr Mah came out of the blue asking people to sing.

Mr. Mah: *poking a girl with the mini hand hold malaysia flag* Nyanyi! *walks around while waving the flag* Eh, Nyanyi!

He's unexplainable-extraordinary farnie(like in a small lil' boy way).

We girl were waiting at the big gate to run.
Mr Mah spotted me and said while waving the flag: "Amanda, Merdeka!"
Bloody cute.

My stamina's bloody bad. I can't run long distance. =(

Trust me, living in condominiums is bad for sport type people.

Ching and I was left behind. We talked lots of craps.
Ching: Amanda, I cannot tahan jorr. Let's run.
Ching: Amanda, Oh Fucker's behind you! Run!
!!! and I ran as fast as I could. I was so scared.
Ching: *laughing* I was just kiddin'.

Skip the price giving ceremony.
Went up to class, I went crazy.
Unfortunately, I go crazy when I hear Avril Lavigne's The best Damn thing.
Xu Rene pulled my pants down till it reached the floor and went crazy(?).

They seemed to like my suspenders. ;)

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