Tuesday, July 22

I'm not desperate.

My Lao Bu is the most Du Lan person I've ever known.

Ahha. At last Catherine saw a dick(What took her so long).
Jessica said something really farnie. She camed to me in PE period and said: "Amanda, let's talk porn."
I can't stop laughing.
Phoa was beside me and she wasn't in a good mood so I rejected Jessica invite.
After the boys came back from the class next to us(because of PE), they start calling me Penkid*. I kept asking them why but they wouldn't tell me till Liang Ian told me.

I screamed.

*A malay word for male - go through plastic surgery - change into a girl. Different from transexual.

Music albums are like story books,
Lyrics are like the words,
And musics are like the stories.

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