Sunday, August 17

Barney look hwat in G-String.

I'm sick. Don't think I can make it to sunday school(I'm not a religious type) tomorrow.

Tv: a poster saying China has the power no one can defeat.
Me: Haha, I bring Kuan ying Pu sa, see how can you handle.

Daddiee laughed at me(which is rare). He normally don't laugh at me, I laugh at him.

Went back to Klang(!!!) to collect some nice teh chiu biscuit. Gosh, I miss that banglo in Berkeley - painted yellow - I lied in since childhood. I forgotten to take a picture of it. Never get to visit Royal Klang Club. I was quite disappointed that they created a new dry type of bak kut teh. Next time, when ya wanna eat good bak kut teh, I'll bring you. =)

Even the worst bak kut teh in Klang beats any where's bak kut teh.

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