Friday, August 15

Koo Kien Kiet! <3

Yesterday, my boyfriend disappointed me. He and his partner, Tan BoonHeong lost to Indonesia in the quarterfinals. I was bloody emo till these people cheered me up.


I dunno what was I doing.

You know what I meant.

My two gay sons.

I'mma stool for Yik Lurn.

Ini Hong Min Hui.

People these days are bloody sick minded.

*eyes covered*


Ching Ching.

Josephine was sick of Ah Moon so he went to buy Chee Ken.

Nipple pincher(specially made for Josephine from Liang Ian).

Not Pui wai, Xu Rene.

I think he likes it.

Oh, he likes it.


Phaik Ying and Lim SIAO.

Liang Ian wetting Shannon.

This boy(GIRL!) can seriously make me laugh.
Is he actually studying???
As a mother, I'm speechless.
He's bloody adorable. (Danielle, date him.)
Blow jobbing?

Nicole(Liang Ian ;]).

Chee Ken.

Chee ken kena rogol(?)

Part 1.

Part 2.

My favorite picture of the year(currently). Tsk Tsk.

Jessica: Jangan kacau lahh. Geram saya....


Lim Syau said...

manda, y u CAP LOCK the SIAO?

Amanda teluh said...

because it's SIAO not SYAU

Lim Syau said...

nope, its SYAU, u'r wrong

Amanda teluh said...

nuh-uh! it's SIAO.