Tuesday, August 26

Koo Kien Kiet's Sexylicious.

Election Day!

I friggin support Anwar.

I don't care if he masturbate or how long is his cock or whether he have oral sex with his lovely wife.

I don't fucking care.
What I know is he didn't fuck a guy.
He has got a lovely wife.

Why would he fuck some one like him?

He would just fuck Brad Pitt.

Phoa wrote this on the board.

Amanda Tan was born on the day 27th October 1994. (Some other crappy stuff I forgotten) Her husband's Barney and she has two sons named Shannon and Liang Ian.

Shannon: I wanna see mommy play play.
Liang Ian- Shannon: Brother from another mother.
Liang ian:

  • Mother from another mother.
  • Mother, I want to suck your boobs. After 14 years, I haven't suck your boobs.
  • *smooch*. Happy mother's day.
  • *boom* 1 boobs boh liao. Another boobs(????).
  • Suck, suck, suck
  • Milk, milk, milk
  • Pussy don't have milk; pussy has got stawberry milk.
  • -amanda, I. Want. To. Order. Stawberry m ---
    -*teacher staring*
  • You've got 3 sons(plus Josephine), you need 3 nipple; we need to suck.
  • The 3rd one is at the bottom. Sedapnya.
  • Josephine, she has got tortoise size boobs!

There's actually someone who wants to date him.

Geography Period.

Teacher asked Jason Chin why is he sharing a chair with Shannon.
Liang Ian: Mereka kawan mahh. Tak perlu lahh. Mereka mungkin gay.

She wouldn't even notice there isn't an extra table even if he had an extra chair.
Tsk tsk.

After A while...

Cikgu Norhasidah came in.
Jason Chin freaked out.
Liang Ian was hiding Jason behind his Geography text book while waving at teacher like a sissy.
Jason Chin got busted.
We couldn't stop laughing.

Teacher: Apa nama kamu?
Shannon: Jason Chin.
Liang Ian: Shannon Lee Chong Wei. No, no,
Sailor Moon.

Science Class.

First half.

Second half.


I. Am. Not. A. Lesbian.

From Andrea Chan. =)

I like guys.

My boy's studying. This picture is really rare.

Liang Ian went to kacau him. ==

During recess, Catherine and Phoa put guavas in my food; It was disgusting.
Catherine: You need to eat your fibers! If not, you'll get constipation. Imagine your ass's the hand and the guava's the SOAP.

Me: Maybe we shouldn't stay back later.
Catherine: Why?
Well, she laughed. It's s'pose to be sarcastic.

Yik Lurn told me that Oh Fucker likes Bei yu! I was so fucking happy!

Josephine kept asking me why won't I shave my legs. I said because it shows my man side of me. ;)

Twilight's nice. I haven't read finish. I couldn't stop reading it. =)

Phoa. Catherine and I are s'pose to go CentrePoint but it rained so we stayed back in school. Onn Min Hui and Baby Boy(I don't know his real name but it has something to do with Kambing) joined us.


She just love to bully me.

The ever adorable Catherine.

They were ploting how to rape me

And I was scared.

Boys, she's not ulgy or flat. ==


Then Catherine wanted to buy ice cream.

Catherine: Ice Cream.
Me: Okayy. Go ahead and scream.
Catherine: ==. Ice cream.
Me: I didn't hear you scream.
Catherine: $!&%#!&@#*. ICE CREAM!!
Me: Eyes don't scream.
Catherine: (??????????)
She was really frustrated.
Catherine: I want to buy ice cream.

We then went to buy ice cream.
Mine has marshmellows. =D

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