Wednesday, August 13

MBF's Men Team. <3

V: Why is she copying so fast?
Josephine: Because she's in the hurry to give birth.

The boys guessed whether if I'm having period and they're right. Then Ching Ching told the boys that when girls have their periods, their boobs grows.

Josephine: Why don't you use the towel and wipe your vigina?
Me: I'll get it stained. What else?
Josephine: Let your father smell.
V: did you ever tried touching it?
Josephine: Try jumping.
V: What other colour beside red?

So, that's how those supid question came around.

After Liang Ian knew, he started saying:

-Amanda, wet wet.
-Lai yeh!
-Eee yerr...
-Wet wet.
-Later ahh, your boobs grow bigger, you go olympic and you need to wear something for your big boobs.

Who's gonna date him, man...

Malay period,

Cikgu: Josephine, how are you*?
Josephine: Fine
Cikgu: Kenapa tidur? Buat apa?
Josephine: Tak apa pun.
Me: Dia cucuk perempuan hingga letih. Cucuk, cucuk.
Teacher gave me a face. =D

*Hari Koko.

Puan Hani didn't come so Yusmidah's the relief teacher. (shit)
Chee Ken: She's not a monkey, she's King Kong.

My sister assumed a rapist for a monk.

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