Monday, August 25

Photos Do Express.

Happy 15th Birthday, Jeannie!!!

There's nothing to write much for the past few days. I've just recovered from my sickness(sorethroat and fever); I can't go out(just to buy books)! I need to buy some history work book. I don't like history in malay. Ugh. This is what I do during history period.

My 2nd dota.

My 1st dota.

Arvil Lavinge concert is back! I so wanna go! Anybody have extra tickets?

My sister's bloody cute(?).

She was doing my father.


Situation #1:
I wanted to go to bookstores but "mother" doesn't let. Her reason was that because I'm not fully recovered and I might get effect by the germs or giveout germs to the PUBLIC(eh fucker, I'll be in the corner reading, ALONE).

Situation #2:
I went out with my father for 3 hours doing nothing but driving around for 1 hour finding a particular buddhist shop(We only did was waste patrol). Spend 15 minutes there, went to shah alam to collect a cheque but didn't collect it, 10minute finding a car.
why don't you just bring me to the book store? Your wife won't know if you don't tell, coward.
Situation #3:
She wants me to go to pasar malam. == .

Situation #4:
Look at what she did to my sister.

Who wants to trade mother?
I rather fuck a dog than live with her.

My holiday's just a waste.


Jeannie Teoh said...

Thanks for the wish babe (:

Amanda teluh said...

no problem. seriously, how'd you know my blog?