Tuesday, August 26

Shut Up and Talk.

When I walk in the school this morning, the first thing I thought was If the chick don't ask, the dude won't say.

After a while...

Erin: What did you do on your holiday?
Me: Nothing.

Unfortunatly, the chick asked.

Luckily for the wet floor, we didn't have to wait there to listen Puan Azizah Yusoff's problem.
Sekolah kami paling bagus. Kamu semua sangat bising. Saya cakap sini, kamu cakap sana. Ah lah wa-is-burd(?).

See what I mean?(Seriously, I don't know whether that is true, cause I never actually listen to what she says)

I didn't ask Cheau Wei to bring the camera and got the look from Shannon. Tee Hee. =)

I didn't get to watch the closing ceremony of Olympic cause' Lao Bu spoilt everything.
Yik Lurn asked me if I saw Leonna Lewis sing.

Me: What song did she sing? (I was expecting Bleeding Love; Can you believe, BLEEDING LOVE? In Olympics! Who the fuck would sing a sad song in the Olympics?)
Yik Lurn: She sang some Olympic song.
Then Yik Lurn start to sing like a fat opera singer in the movie MR.Deeds.
Yik Lurn : Then David Bekham came out of the blues, kick a ball and left. nia ma...(he was quite cross; dunno why).

The way he describe it was unexplainable farnie.

I just found out that I DITCH PHOA!(?) Okayy, so I went home without telling her but I was having my period(I hate periods)!
Sorwie Phoa!

At home with my sister...

Me: Can I do your nails?
Amelia: No. Can I do your nails?
Me: No.
Amelia: But I really want to do your nails.

== .

My father told us a Cleopatra story. I'll cut the story short.

-A king wanted to conquer a country..erm...B.
-Country B gave Cleopatra as a special gift to the King.
-Cleopatra fucked another guy when she already have a husband who is also the KING!
-She wanted to kill the king and make her father the king.
-She commit suicide by having two deadly snakes(with HORNS)killing her.
She's pretty...=)

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