Thursday, August 28

She's A Lady; I'm Not.

Today as fun too but I'm lazy to write it out. Everyday's funny. =)

Flyfm's Most Wanted Chart's number one is David Acrchuletera. Thinking back...How.The.Fuck did David Cook win, man? David cook should be in the kitchen cooking! Is it because archuletera is a long sir name? Sheesh. Archuletera's charming. ;)

This. Is. The. Smallest banana I've ever seen. Macam Ding Bing Hao's dick.

My nerd score. Tee Hee *buck tooth smile*

I am nerdier than 12% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

(This is real! I'm not bluffing; Seriously!
They gave me a picture and asked me whether it's Elbert Einstien or some other great dude. How would I know? == .)

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