Saturday, August 16

Yao Ming's Bloody Awesome.

Today is another funny day in 2 Fikir. I didn't ask Cheau Wei to bring her camera; Shannon gave me The Face. Tee Hee.

Josephine tried to unbuckle my bra, AGAIN(Jessica's fault for influncing him).

Jessica wanted to know what's the meaning of HAM(that girl is seriously innocent, but once she knows it, she's innocently horny). Unfortunatly, NO cause Ching and V wouldn't let me explain. I would love to. She NEEDS to know. Already form 2!

In the library...

V and Shannon took my shoes off. == .

Liang Ian - a.k.a Ah Moon - put his shoe against my face! Blame his stupidity.

Lee Chong Wei won Korea's Lee (something something). *screams* I'm bloody proud.

Happy Holiday!

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