Wednesday, August 6

When I Wake Up, I Wanna See You There.

Happy 14th Burfday, Soh Kar Yen!!!

The Chinese talking girls played with some fart bomb and I thought it was Shannon(he farts a lot) Tee Hee. +)

I forgotten to bring Kar Yen's birthday present. The boys bought her a Nike bottle.

V-zone polluted the class with his Cologne. == Bloody smelly.

Josephine asked me who's bottle.


"okayy." Then he starts to snatch it and scream like a sissy.

Pictures of Jessica

Then Kar Yen wanted to take picture with everybody who gave her present.

Drink teddy, DRINK!

Typical Shannon and Josephine.

I'm queen kong!

Josephine was trying to sniff Wai Qi.

but failed cause' we were too naughty.

Ahha. Liang Ian wore Kar Yen's pancaragam uniform.

He's camera shy.

Shannon took this

This may explain why Kien Yi is always scolding me.

Random pictures.

He was really smelly.

My very hairy shiny legs.

Ma-diu/ Meh-diu.

Josephine's tights and don't know who's hand.

I have big tits. Woo Hoo.

Playing that cap game.

Pang Wai Qi a.k.a monyet face.

Jessica's bloody adorable. This is what she drew during Malay period.

One big happy family.

Cikgu Sumarlanie.

After school, we went to McD to celebrate Cik Norhasidah's birthday. On the way,

I'mma girl; I use lipstick. 8)

I look like a damn retard.

I almost got myself killed and lots and lots of naggings.

During party

Picture time.

Half of the Xiong Gang.

All girls.

All boys plus me(I'm a guy! 8)). =D


I have big boobs!

Cikgu and Tifanny.

Andrea, cikgu and Tifanny.

From left: Nicole, Danielle, cikgu, me and Jessica.

Sugar crissis.

Back to school.

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