Thursday, August 28

Women = Problem.

Anwar won!

Cheau Wei never bring her camera =( but that's okay. =)

Liang Ian damn diao.

He asked me to tell Yik Lurn who Shannon likes; so I did! Wai Qi - monkey face, Shannon and Liang Ian scolded me! They say i couldn't be trusted. Fuck em'. Liang Ian asked me to tell but Liang Ian say he didn't. == .

I'm so not going to tell you who he like but I'll give you tips.

She's from 3H(with big boobs. The "she" may be a guy. Idon'tknow. ;])

Well, Liang Ian told me bout her , again. I made up stories of her and I just to make him jealous.

It kinda worked. =D

Kien Yi started to sing some very sick song. V joined in then me and Josephine. At the end, teacher scolded us.
Teacher: Jika nak nyanyi, keluar!
but on the good side, Kar Yen thinks we are sick and funny.

This how the song goes(it's in chinese; the tune's from "xiao wei"):
There's a long banana.
It's name's dick.
I've got a gentle Virgina. Got any hair?
I wanna give it to you.
Dick, do you know how much I love you?
I wanna stuff you up my Virgina.
See that hair? So beautiful. I wanna give it, especially to you. (2x)

I did it in an hour; scraping, hammering, gluing, spraying and rubbing.
When I was trying to get the spray paint off my hand, Pui Wai was beside me washing hers. I've got a closer look at her hands.Bloody big! I was wondering what will happen to the guy she fuck.

So what if I have a weird curiosity! =)

Went to centrepoint, Banana Leaf for lunch. Catherine and Phoa has been calling me retarded since we reach there. Ugh.
I went to pay my share of bill, turned around, found out they're gone. So I have to pay for them first. Haven't they thought of me having not enough to pay? Tsk Tsk.
I got bloody fed up I wanted to go back to school but then I saw Gavin, Kah Wen(Hui Wen ;]), Ian and Leon"retarded" poh. I sat stayed and chat with them. After a while, Catherine and Phoa found me.

Gavin: Let's ignore them.
Talking, talking, ignoring.
Catherine: We were outside banana leaf.
Catherine: The hot dog stand.
*pang, dead*

At the end, I talked to them and we ended up in McD eating ice cream and talking(not gossiping).
I told Catherine about the song. She laugh gao gao.
Catherine played in Mc D's PlayLand. (I seriously needa get my own camera)

Basketball was okayy. I don't know who to go with in 5 on 5. I don't want to choose.

: Yunn Leng and I want you. You've gotta choose. You want us to fight is it?
Me: I like chick fights.

I almost get busted(tuition) ;).

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