Wednesday, September 24

Amanda Sentiasa Happy.

Happy 14th Birthday, Lee Mun Cheong. <3

Minn Hwei, your letter has just departed Malaysia 3 days ago. =)

Yesterday night, I was asking permission for going Sunway Lagoon.

Amelia: Do what? Sex ahh? How to fuck in water? uh yo!
Daddy: Okayy tell me who are they? Andrea ah? Indian ah? Josephine's a girl or boy? He's a guy who has a girl name? *smack on the head*

Amelia couldn't stop talking crap.
Daddy: Let cook sausage, two half boiled eggs. Oh, add some seaweed too.

I gotta control my emotion. I get sad over stuffs I shouldn't be and end up crying.
I'm becoming more fragile. *sighs*

Shannon: Amanda, I'm gonna do something to you.
Me: Oh.
Shannon farts.
Not just only air coming out of his ass,
pun ada sound effect lehh!

If Josephine's a REAL man, I TIOK!
(Okayy, I don't have dick; I'll use Chee Ken's)

I found this in YouTube. (you really gotta check it)
People this days are horrible.
It's sick enough for me to say Barney's sexy.
Pukii kawaii my ass lahh.
His mother must be the famous pukima.

Hong Min Hui brought her handphone.

He was saying, You like this also wanna take!

Liang Ian's bloody adorable.

Liang Ian: Amanda, look, look!
His toes was sticking out from the front.
He smelled his shoe and
took it as a flip phone ordering pizza.

He then use his socks and push it against my face.
Oh, how smelly was it!

It look isn't as bad as it was.

I see red suspenders!!!

Liang Ian: Amanda, why didn't you tell me that you have big boobs? Otherwise we would have done one on one. Me first then Chee Ken then Josephine.

I heart that stupid brudder.

This is so cute.

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