Thursday, September 18

Catch That Tear Before It Drops.

I've started talking to Catherine since Tuesday.

I find my blog becoming quite boring.
Nothing interesting has happen accept for arguing with women, being stupid and being in a girl's body.

Went to Jessica's house. On the way, Jayden slept against me.
I'm so eager to be a mommy.

Jayden can't get his hands off me
Am I really that sexy? ;)

Jessica and I practically walked back to school.
It's about 10 or 15 minutes walk.
It started to rain after a few minutes we arrived.
Stopped after 5 minute. Then continued to play basketball.
Then I slipped!
Oh, how wet I am!

Won two junior game, lost one and a half senior game.

I wasn't really exhausted.
After tuition, I stayed up till 11 to read Mr Mystery book 10. =D

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