Sunday, September 14

Don't Make Me Change my Mind.

Happy Moon Cake Festival!!!

Yesterday, Amelia suggested we play candles. Yes, she really meant candles only. Not lanterns.

You do this,

Then this

to get this.

It's s'pose to be a blue coloured heart(?).

My funny daddy. <3

Smiley. =)

=) <3.

Smiley loves Clorets; just like me!

Cow's nipple.

My nipple.

Not so lighted smiley.

Then we went to eat lulut.

Oh, it was my first time

and it was awesome.

I only take all the pictures of long long things. ;)
I love Lap Cheong.
Daddy and I. =D

My favorite mamak store. [they have the good sambal. 8)]

My father started blogging. He has two blog. one's about buddhism, another's about creativity and innovation.

Daddy was trying to do something. It never happen like what he expected. Suddenly he said

Diu ni ah seng.

What make it so funny is that
1. He don't really swear in chinese.
2. He kinda exaggerate it.
3. he's fat and plumy(okayy, this is not even a reason). =D

Daddy suggested we go to the park at 5pm but Amelia insists that we go earlier at 2:30pm. The best part was
Lao bu didn't come along. =D

Me: I normally like monkey but I don't like these.

Amelia: Why?

Me: Because they're not civilize.

This is the monkey I know who is civilize.

Mommy monkey and baby monkey.

Both are the same coconut.

Tortoise on shore.

Daddy caught 7 fish.

I caught 9 fish and one small lil' worm.

Dead tortoise. =(

Amelia: Daaddy, they cut down the trees!
Daddy: Bodoh, it's the brunches lahh.


It's really hard to get this type of family.

Fatty eating.

What do you call a deer without an eye?

No eye deer.

What do you call a deer without an eye and leg?

Still no eye deer.

What do you call a deer fucking?

No fucking eye deer.

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