Friday, September 26

Green Ang Pao, Here i Come.

Ah Sam
never bring her camera.
She gave me lots of shitty excuse.
I don't even know whether to believe her or not.

Malay teacher gave us a lecture.
A really hard one.
Then I realized something.
KuKu Malu.
Kuku hou malu horr?
yeah well, when I was young, I wasn't really sick minded.

I also very malu with my kuku.

I was so freakin' sleepy but still had energy to have a bread fight with Kien Yi.
He's the only one I can go crazy with.

I think Amber Chia's the sexist woman in the world and not Angelina Jolie.

Amber my ass Chia. Cucuk me.

Found this in Kenny's blog:

Jane* (not her real name): Can I ask you one question?

Kenny: Go ahead.

Jane*: You're a busy guy right?
Jane*: Let's say you have a girl, who needs attention, who is away for vacation... Then she is online one day. But you have a friend at your place. What would you do?

Kenny: I would entertain the friend first.It's an easy decision. With girlfriends you can always call them later, but a guest at your place needs to be taken care of first instead of leaving them hanging. Right?
Yerrrr... then?

Kenny: Then when the friend leaves, I'll entertain the gf lah.

Jane*: Yerrrrrrrrrr!!! But the gf waited the whole day!

Kenny: I ask you lah. When you have a friend coming over to your place, are you gonna chase her out just because you wanna talk to your boy boy? Or maybe turn on Astro and ask the friend to entertain herself?

Jane*: Yea I'll do that. lol
Jane*: I won't chase them out but they can take it like their own place. Then I go talk to my boy boy for 10 mins. Instead of just telling her, "I have friends over. Gonna watch Man U. Probably can't talk to you right now."

Kenny: My gawd. Guys don't function that way.
Kenny: If we show our soft sides in front of our guy friends, we'd automatically lose our dicks and become sissies.

Jane*: Testosterones!! Why guys so difficult one. -_-
Jane*: Would you call your friend a sissy if you were the guest and he left you with Astro?

Kenny: Yeah, I would.

Jane*: -_-

Kenny: 'cos I only disturb him probably once a week. Maybe even once a month. And he wants to use buddy time to chat with his girlfriend? wtf man.

Jane*: It's guys like that which makes us girls cry because bf doesn't want to be a sissy =(

Why would any girl wanna date a sissy ANYWAY?

Kenny: Well, we put up with your many things also.

Jane*: hrm... like?

Kenny: Like... tantrums.
Kenny: Like spending money on handbags and shoes.
Kenny: Like being fussy about every single thing.

Jane*: I am only guilty of the last one. =\
Jane*: Maybe i should also be guilty for the first two to get even.


Jane*: Leaving the friend with Astro for 10 mins also cannot. =\

Kenny: Not cannot. 'cos women's clock is different.
Kenny: 1 minute is 10 minutes.
Kenny: 10 minutes is 1 hour.
Kenny: 1 hour is half a day.

Jane*: hmm... how long is 10 mins to a guy?

Kenny: Depends on what we're doing.
Kenny: If we're having fun, playing games, watching football, 10 minutes feel like 10 seconds.
Kenny: If we're waiting for food, waiting for TOTO results, waiting for girls to shop, 10 minutes feel like eternity.

Jane*: No wonder last time he was late. HE WAS AT HIS FRIEND'S PLACE PLAYING COMPUTER GAMES!

I'm so in the guy's side.
See how problematic women can be?

The Barney I always mention isn't a human.
He's Barney the purple dinosaur and that fat arse, is my boyfriend.
he's every kid's idol(including mine).
Last but not least, he's farking sexy.

I like his grandfather's sense of humor.

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