Friday, September 5


Currently reading New Moon. Tee hee.

Phoa told me her new hobby is E-Moh-Ing.
Emo my ass.
Nicole's scared too.

Kena bombarded by V, Chee Ken, Shannon, Josephine and Liang Ian.

There I go.

They went to hide my shoes.

Found it.


Chee Ken takut jor.

Face Problem.

Liang Ian lost!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. (sap pai)

Liang Ian's.

It was not enjoying.
Kok Ching, Shi Meng and Bei Yu.

Tak tau siapa ni.

My very ugly barbaric puppy.
Melissa, he likes you.

Ugly, huh?

Josephine took this!
Gosh, he's bloody gay.

VERY ugly.

I'm enjoying my bombardment.
Liang Ian's fucking cute! (don't look at Oh fucker).

Josephine. (Ching drew it)

He looks so troubled cause Jing Yao's stealing Ying Yinn from him.

I drew this =D. (Josephine)

Someone stupid drew this. Look closer; I have boobs!

Josephine the anime.

Then I had to keep the camera in the locker cause someone said the discipline teacher's gonna ronda; I didn't get to video tape down Chee Ken kena gang bang.

During Chinese period, I was sitting at the back of the class. Josephine came and sat on my right, v lay on my tights, Chee Ken on V and(I think)Kien Yi on my left.
I didn't know that Josephine was on my boobs until Liang Ian said out loud.
Josephine: Eh, yea oh. No wonder it felt so soft. I thought I was on her tummy. Eh Amanda, Come again!
My typical barbaric puppy.

Liang Ian took my hand and said: "So small and soft like lao poh."
Me: Eh, try Yik Lurn's.
He let go of mine and reaches for Yik Lurn's.(they look so gay)
He just misses his girl.

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