Wednesday, September 3

Soft, Soft Lips.

Happy 17th Birthday, Adrian Lee ? ? (<333333333 lahh =])

Happy 14th Birthday, Weng Yan! <3

Liang Ian thought I'm having period - which is actually Ching - cause I did not disturb him. =D

Catherine told me her cousin's a bad influnce.
Cousin - Baby: Say ci bai.
Baby: Chheeee beeyyy.
Cousin: No, no; Ci bai.
Baby: Chheeee beeyyy.

Shannon wanted to make part 3. He suggested that we make a girl and guy video.
Liang Ian: Amanda, COME, ONNNNN...

Jessica's creation.

My lil' boy's asleep.



He's looking at Nicole. ;)

Shannon asked me to smile.

To stupidLiang Ian's GIRL: It's not what you look.

Boys these days are becoming more like girls.

Aren't he just a thing? Bloody cute.

Josephine loves Ying Yinn. He masturbate with her.

I kena bombarded with strings.

Liang ian. =D

Teacher asked Who make this all happened?

Josephine: Abdulah Badawi.

Chee Ken's (longer).

Meh-dui's (shorter).

The guy who likes Ying Yinn.

Inilah Ying Yinn.

Ching Ching's making Josephine erect. ;)

Part 3(a)

Part 3(b)

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