Thursday, September 4

I Can't Get You Out Of My Head.

A new teacher - with really big boobs - called Shaun Fei. He answered back: Apa, Big Boobs? Teacher called him big breast. LOL. (She doesn't look like a joker)

Chinese. (teacher child is Pre-ing out of her Virgina.

English was boring.

During KH, a poisonous spider scared Lim SIAO. So Jessica took a purple spray to spray it. Before that, she attackd it with SUPER GLUE.
I was bored too. I took 2 white sprays and aim at it. Nothing came out. I was disappointed.
The girls had a good laugh at me.

Maths was #&@(!%*$

Malay was awesome.

I got my medal today. =)

Enjoy the pictures and videos.


Chee Ken's ass.

I dunno what it is.

Xu Rene and Seh Li's.

My barbaric puppy and I.

Chee Ken's ?

Andrea Cheow and Yik Lurn.

It says Suspenders.

Chee Ken's BUSH-SHA!

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