Monday, September 22

I Won't Give Up.

3-weeks-and- 1-days -ago from today was 31st-August-two-double-O-eight.

It's nothing anymore.
People don't really mention it often anymore.
I don't stay up for the count down. I forgotten about the count down 2 years in a row. It's horrible. Even thought I *some text missing* Malaysia, I never miss one count down since standard 3. I broke my record. =(
Next year, I'm gonna cari some kaki go out for drinks and count down. Wait, isn't next year my PMR? Shit.

Anyway, I went to PULAU KETAM(Daddy's hometown) to visit his eldest brother(he has 7 brothers and 1 sister! Sangat kesian nenek saya punya virgina).
My father calls his eldest brother dai hia(big brother); my sisterheard it as dai ha(big prawn). That got us laughing.

Pulao Ketam has the best la la jien in the world! Seriously! I forgotten to take a picture of it cause' I'm too eager to eat it. Tee Hee. 8) But I took other photos.

Enjoy. =D

Crowded gao gao.

Crab Island. (Will I have to wear a crab suit?)

She won me.

The only hotel. It's easy to catch if anyone is doing underage sex.

I don't call this uncivilized.

Their only buddhist centre.

I may have said only a lot of time cause it's a very small island.

This may be the most colourful tortoise I've ever seen.

I'm gonna torture my next tortoise with paints.

It's not a lizard and I dunno what's that.

The only coconut tree.

Amazingly, for such a small island, they make boats. Big ones.

Daddy's old school.

Dude, their garden look much more better than my school.

This got me laughing.

Eating ice cream.

Yeah, well, I'm short. =(

It took me 3 minutes to make him look at me.

That ugly dragon looks just like my mother!

Their water system.

A well in the house.

Merdeka celebration.


Crab holes.


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