Sunday, September 21

If Ya Happy And You Know, Slap Your Butt.

I'm fed up with that WhatIf questionnaire thingy. It's still not making me smile like a soh hai.

I quit!
(I'll be watching Barney show if ya need me)

Yeoh Shen Shen came by my house today.

She grew so much prettier. (okayy, she look better in person and another position)

She needed a science project. So we started with a floating spoon.

It really float!

But she like Amelia's project better.

So we went to but the materials.
(no pictures)

During our experiment.

Homer simpson's not yellow ugly daughter.

My ugly sister(pretty lahh!) and Shen Shen.

Shen's father needed to attend his Judo class.

That's not her father. (How shameful for that boy)

While waiting, we watch Are we done yet.

I like the raccoon.

Went for diner after 3 hours of waiting.

My father, the not yellow colour version of Homer Simpson. (He don't say D'oh! He gives the finger)

Shen and her father, Onn Yeoh.

My very clean plate.

I'm going to volunteer at SPCA next weekend!
Ohhhh Yeeeaaaa.

I'm such a bad host. I can't entertain her. =)

How Daddy and I enjoy Pasar Malam's food.


Daddy: *Pointing at the Yao Zha Guai*

Me: Ohhhhhhh Yeeeeaaaa.

I was bathing,
Amelia open the door and my father caught me NAKED! Nia Ma...
Luckly he didn't see anything accept for my ass.
Ugh. Stupid sister.

This is what we did last Sunday.

Competing with Ju-Ann.

Amanda, Amanda, Amanda. It sounds like shit.

Spot for your name, Tomato Head(Justin Lee)!

It's s'pose to be If ya happy and you know you slap your butt.

As you know, I'm always the guy and the uglier one.

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