Saturday, September 6

Let me Feel Those Lips With Mine.

It all started when Shuan Fei said: I want sex from you.

I even recorded our conversation.
His other stupid message was:

- Ok.Monday I go school rape you.
- Can you suck my dick? Please.
- Tell me porn or Monday you GG.
- 4 Minutes left.
- 12cm long or not?
- How to make kuku biger?
- Ok. I go TFK now.
- Tell me more about sex. Can I call you?
That instant, I educated him.
- Ah la...I know la. Later meet at school. I fuck you. I bring condom.(==)
- you want suck my dick?

His reason was: Because after I fuck you, you'll still be friend with me and you will want more.
!!! *scream*
What am I, Prostitute? Eat shit lahh.

Goosebumps was everywhere on me; I don't think I'll ever talk to him.

At night...

It started when the word porn star was mentioned.

Amelia: Daddy, what's porn star?
I thought she was joking.
Daddy: Girl takes off her cloths and eat ice cream.
I laughed really hard.
Amelia: Don't lie lahh.
Daddy: The guy sold the ice cream to the girl.
I continue to laugh out loud.
Amelia: Don't lie lahh.
Daddy: Fine. Porn star is between the northern and southern star.
I laughed harder.
Amelia: Amanda's laughing; Don't lie!
Daddy: What's the different between movie star and porn star?
Amelia: *thinking* Oh, movie star act in movie and porn star act in porn!

I couldn't stop laughing.
She doesn't know what's porn star but know what's porn. Ahha.

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